Monday, June 22, 2015

I don't often do a short post on a film (gasp! I'm a TV prof! egad! :D)

But do yourself a favor as an incoming STORYTELLER. Go see Inside Out. Forget about animation(though abstract Danger Zone was brilliance). Just...

watch. revel in the story. remember what it was (is?) like to go through a major life change and be mad/sad/fearful/joyful-excited...and, yes, sad at what you are leaving behind you.

Inside Out works because it touches us--as little kids, as parents, as storytellers/story-READERS.

If you're new to Columbia this year, just go see it.
If you're "old" to Columbia this year, the same.

It might inspire you on many platforms.

NOW--someone score me the Lava short that preceded the film--sheer brilliance.

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