Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fall TV So Far...

OK, TV Majors! I know you're busy with projects as we hit week 6, but the Fall TV season is under way and all the faculty can only watch so much. We rely on you all to guide us so drop your 2 cents here or via email or on the department's social media pages.

I have made it through some of the new shows (and some of the returning) and here are my thoughts so far:

Quantico: Surprise fun here as this is more crazed dramatic soap/action/thriller than suspense (though there is some of that). I have no idea how it can last more than 1 season, but then again, How to Get Away with Murder is managing. Who's the terrorist? Secret twins! Fake gay man glasses! Can I get past the stunning combo of crazy beautiful stars who so far appear to be good actors to boot?

Blood and Oil: Have been intrigued enough by the cast and Dallas-meets-frakking premise to stay tuned. Totally getting my 80s fix on between this and Empire (hip hop/rap/soul meets Dynasty). P.S.--Cookie channeling Debbie Allen rocks my world.

Scream Queens? Cannot make up my mind on this one...The pilot was decent (especially the 2nd half). But seriously, where is the Jonas brother? And what be up with the daughter accusing her dad of being a murderer? (Sorry--the lead gal is way too bland and cannot carry the camp.) Gigi as the hag of Shady Lane--nice! This show makes me insane--they follow no internal logic (you're sequestered! Yet the next episode has half the campus venturing off-site to investigate crimes no sane undergrad would be into...) I kind of feel like Ryan Murphy hates college kids as he portrays them as really, really stupid and vapid. But now I have to see this through to its end. (Hate to say it--Scream on MTV is better...)

Returning dramas other than Empire: Good Wife continues to be the most cable-worthy drama on broadcast IMHO. Rolling over the cast smoothly flipping over who works with whom...And getting to see Jane Curtin as a judge a sheer moment of viewer beauty. Madame Secretary continues to balance charming humor with tension and ethical dilemmas--it's a pretty solid lineup and will make Sunday night battles interesting.

New sitcoms. OK--I soooo did not expect to like Grandfathered, but getting to see Josh Peck and John Stamos and my fave actress Paget Brewster together is a delight and the show is charming. The Grinder also brings together old faves (Rob Lowe and Fred Savage)...and it delightfully sends up our country's obsession with procedurals. Throw in the return of Brooklyn 99 and FOX is delivering on the sitcom front in the most sophisticated way compared to the other networks in the broadcast universe.

OK--must sign off. Have to catch up on other series I am way behind on. I must say, I find it intriguing that a lot of the new fare is catering to the Gen Xers, with "weird" nods to the older Millennials....(Don't get me started on how I stayed up late this week to watch Double Dare on The Splat, and am jouncing for more Clarissa and old Are You Afraid of the Dark and You Can't Do That on Television...)