Wednesday, August 28, 2013

School is Starting...

All right, folks--school starts in about 1 week!

My first blog of the academic year is mostly aimed at newbies (both firsters and transfers). If you're old school or alum, simply stay tuned her for my random TV thoughts (and alum per a fundraising event at Second City)...

NEW TO COLUMBIA IN ANY WAY? Please attend Convocation this Friday (there's food!) Give yourself time for the following:

1) book buying/finding

2) seek out where your classrooms are (not on paper--I mean physically go find the rooms because the first week is a crazy mess of students and slow elevators and hidden rooms). BEST TIP: show up 10 minutes early the first 2 weeks. If you're TV, ask John or Avery (our security guards) where to go and tell them I (Sharon Ross, TV) sent you.

3) get on your class pages--likely Moodle. See what's there. Ask about what isn't there. IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT MOODLE IS, SEND ME AN EMAIL AT

4) Figure out your nutritional needs ("nutritional" here used lightly--but hey--I AM a teacher!): There are some really amazing food trucks in the Chicago Loop that can broaden your horizons fairly cheaply beyond Dunkin (though they are quick on Harrison and Wabash), DQ, etc. Start here: South Loop is you. "General Loop" is walkable. West Loop will likely take too much time. My recs: and Also, when you need a slightly nicer lunch (parents in town?)--go to Hackney's and when you're jonesing for Mexican in-between classes go to Flaco's Tacos (next to Hackney's--they're quick and cheap)

5) The Dean of the School of Media Arts, Robin Bargar, knows his caffeine. And you should try to meet him once by start of Junior Year if you are in the School of Media Arts. Deans have taught and their job is to serve student development.

6) Now the teacherly advice: Make a point of meeting your teachers. Don't wait until you're frazzled...Find out their office hours and drop by for 10 minutes to say hi. Each of your teachers is busy with a gazillion things, but THEY WANT TO MEET YOU! We're not Gods/Goddesses, but we know an awful lot about Columbia that could be of use to you.

OK--Now on to my random TV thoughts (which is what most of this blog is):...

Teen Wolf (yeah, I know: "Teen Wolf?" you say?) is a great show. Think Buffy you Whedon fans...Everyone discounted that show, too, until it became hip. If you're into teen tropes, like Xander or Nathan Fillion--give Teen Wolf a chance on iTunes or Hulu...

Under the Dome-I've been enjoying but it seems crazily network slow.

ABC Family rocks my world. (I am learning a smidge of sign language, reveling in a depiction of a lesbian-led foster family, and [as all my past Teen TV students will attest to] ridiculously addicted to all things PLLiars. 

There actually look to be some new inventive broadcast series this Fall. Stay tuned for my reactions. I am still upset about the cancellation of The B#@$%* in Apartment 2-something..."

I'm over 40. The Good Wife is pretty much the best drama on broadcast (Parenthood a close second). If you're a true TV geek, you'll watch these shows for dialogue alone...

I am still (choose your word) "irritated" that Orphan Black got shunted in the Emmys. While it's relevant that NetFlix had nominations, Orphan Black kicks butt against those shows and actors. Did you like Fringe?  For the love of all that is holy to you, watch Orphan Black.

I like "Blurred Lines." I cannot explain why (musically, yes--video not so much.) Hannah Montana at the VMAs ruined it for me.

ALUMS--PALERMO SCHOLARSHIP EVENT 10/29/13. Long and short is a Second City event (bits of food, drink, silent auction, improv show just for us). Money goes to scholarships for TV students, the best of the best. We're aiming to offer 2 scholarships instead of 1. Tix are pricey in this economy, I know--but either consider the value of the event or donate what you can. Email me for more info.

So-check back!  Come see me!  I am (for TV students) your Associate Chair so don't be shy. And if you're not TV but just need some tips or advice, I am non-major discriminatory.

ps--I have a kid starting kindergarten...i.e., my posts don't come on a regular schedule! :D This may also result in the occasional Teen Titans Go review...:D