Sunday, June 23, 2013

OK--I usually go dormant in summer

BUT...Between the new ABC Family shows, the upcoming Under the Dome and The Bridge, and tonight's penultimate season of Mad Men ending, I gotta give a few thoughts (albeit randomly).

Perhaps this will give my upcoming new students a sense of my personality (which is admittedly a late-night/early morning one--sue me, I'm a mom of a 5 year old). So here's my take on summer TV so far and I'll update here-and-there as I'm able before our Fall term starts.

1) Mad Men. If you're not watching you should be. If you're in my TV History class or Sara's Mad Men class, for god's sake get caught up. (It will make the 1 week we spend on 1960s TV so much easier on you...). I enjoyed the season (and not just because I identify with Peggy and adore James Wolk). This season, to me, refracted the first perfectly. Don't wanna spoil and happy to come to Sara's class in the fall to expound--let's just say every character slipped through the looking glass of season one. My prediction? Season 7 is somewhere between 1971-72... (and if you think Megan is gone, just think about what you know of soaps and twins and Patty Duke--watch what Don watches closely...)

2) No good TV in summer? Hogwash!  All depends on what you're looking for. Teen Wolf has been kickin it and this is their first monster season episode number wise, so you know you're in for a good slow burn. As far as I'm concerned, this is Boy Buffy flipped--and even though I'm a feminist, I'm good with that largely because of Stiles and  Lydia. (Don't tell me you don't think Xander and Cordelia when you watch these two.) Switched at Birth continues to impress (though it's been a bit slow) and Pretty Little Liars is keeping me guessing (esp. with the reappearance of Allison's mom obviously off meds or rocker)...And I did not think I would like The Fosters but I do so far. Haven't done Twisted yet but will catch up on that from the DVR in July...

3) The Bridge and Under the Dome both look promising.

4) and a final plea--it's over but I'm catching up now--if you haven't watched it, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS SNAP FUN TV WATCH ORPHAN BLACK! (and don't dare spoiler it for me because I have 4 eps left). Woman deserves an emmy nom (and it's a hoot seeing Degrassi actors in a sic-fy-i show...)

OK--newbies and old students...More after I've caught up from sumer chairing and shifted into summer TV catch-up mode. Once we near the new season (hardee had) of school you'll get more regular posts of things TV, Columbia College TV Department, etc....