Friday, September 4, 2015

First Day of Classes is Almost Here!

Welcome back (or welcome anew) as we start off our 2015/16 school year in TV with Convocation in Grant Park and classes September 8th! (Remember folks with Monday classes--you'll be 1 week "behind" with your Mondays, so follow your course schedule accordingly...)

There have been several changes in the TV Department over the summer. Our Student Activities Coordinator, Christy LeMaster, is off elsewhere in the world work-wise--but still teaching with us in Critical Studies (and our undergrad run journal WaterCooler is still running strong with some help from Faculty Sara Livingston ) Some of our tech support staff are also elsewhere and we are busily adjusting to the change in duties--so be sure to seek us out if you have questions or need help!

We also have a new faculty member from Los Angeles, Bill Rosenthal; he is already hitting the ground running with planning for FreqOut through to spring. We're excited to have another faculty member on board with experience in the industry! You'll find Bill in producing classes and he'll be in the 14th floor faculty office hallway with the rest of the crew.

I will be upstairs on the 15th floor as your Interim Chair with Eric Scholl as your Associate Chair. We also have a new Interim Dean in the School of Media Arts--Constantin Rasinariu--so if you see folks you don't know this year, jump in and introduce yourself. :D

If I'm your advisor, hang tight--you might be reassigned as the year goes on so we can ensure you get the full assistance for course advising you need.  They make me go to a lot of meetings as Interim Chair, so finding me might be trickier than usual. But in general I can be found on Mondays and Fridays, with occasional Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons in the mix.

I'm also sure to be busy trying to keep up with the over 400 new shows emerging this Fall--there has been a lot of insightful commentary recently about what the "glut" of solidly good shows out there says about the industry and the impact on our culture  I certainly had my hands full just this summer (I state here: Wet Hot American Summer the TV series was better than the movie--though truly it IS a package deal. Go watch both.) Right now I'm trying to vet what I'll test out to squeeze into the returning shows I cannot quit watching and the need to binge through the rest of Orphan Black. Rising to the top so far are the following:

The Grinder--Rob Lowe, Fred Savage. Nuff said.

Scream Queens--will provide me with my young adult storyline needs and continue the fun I've been having with Scream on MTV (do NOT spoiler that for me!)

And The Catch. Shonda Rhimes. And any excuse to see Peter Krause.

And since The Catch isn't until mid-season, The Muppets can tide me over.

And of course, don't forget--first night of the semester...

Because of the "busy" and because I will expect all of you to fill me in on the shows I don't get too, occasionally I'll host some open sessions in the TV Office for dropping by to chat. I can't feed all of you, so the basic rule is the first 24 students can score a donut. First session is Wednesday 9/30, 1-2pm--come tell me your thoughts on anything you've seen and l;et me know how your semester is going!

See you soon...