Monday, January 28, 2013


Welcome back, everyone! I thought I'd start off spring (rather literally feels like it's spring, too, today) with my 2 cents on awards season so far...It's one of the best parts about the first few weeks of the semester :D.

I have yet to see Lincoln or Les Mis (and am waiting til cable, as I'm not terribly interested in either enough to fork over the money--unless any of you tell me differently?) I'm thinking this year's Oscars should actually be fun for betting, with so many awards going to Argo and Affleck and him not being nominated. My votes so far are going to Silver Linings PlayBook, which I found infinitely better than Zero Dark Thirty on pretty much every count. I'm actually fascinated with how much I disliked 0D30--maybe it's just the hype that's irritating me...or that the acting in SLP was top notch, and that SLP actually had a cohesive narrative and a point to make...

Per TV, the awards are coming in as I expected from the Golden Globes, SAG, AFI--though I continue to insist that Amy Poehler is being robbed more each year.

For best TV of last week, please make sure you see the pentultimate episode of 30 Rock--the Willy Wonka referencing alone was worth it. Be watching BunHeads as that's returned in fine form. And join me in mourning the passing of Don't Trust the B_ in Apt. 23, sadly cancelled which now means there's a loss in my sitcom life--that show was so much fun!

Looking forward to your career future this term? Then look into the ATAS internships this summer (deadline March 15th); it's a paid gig and a great opportunity to break your way directly into the industry in categories ranging from writing to casting to kids TV--just about every category you might imagine (see

Looking just to get through the first week? Look for Beaver's Donut truck on Wabash and Van Buren, 7:30-11:30am, 1/30/13.  Beyond delicious and will get you through that 9am class ( (Bring cash...)

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