Sunday, October 14, 2012

And this week in TV...

So I am now officially swamped with TV viewing, and some shows have had to be sacrificed--bye bye Elementary (just not good enough to make me ditch any of my tried and trues), and sadly bye bye Last Resort (on too heavy of a TV nite and my DVR can't accommodate it--hoping it sticks around and gets shifted to another nite and slot). Not sure about the 666 show--any thoughts on if I should stick with it?

If you like Revenge (which you should :D), try Nashville. Great pilot and I can't wait to see all these fabulous actors chew the scenery each week; and the songs are actually pretty good as well. (Speaking of which--Glee so far is doing quite well at weathering the shift to a new cast...) And while I respect Taylor Swift and find some of her stuff catchy, I rather enjoy the digs at her expense via Hayden Pantierre. Need to watch Arrow, too.

Lots of solid returns so far, with ABC Wednesday leading the way. Good Wife is stellar (and finally not being bumped off my DVR via football) with Nathan Lane and Kristin Chenoweth (would like to see Matthew Perry return here--he was so amazing last season). And anytime I can catch Lucy Lawless (Parks and Rec) I'm a happy camper.

For my TV comedy buffs out there--and for my History students trolling for extra credit--please check out "The Greatest Event in Television History." True story: my husband DVR'd it and I deleted it because I thought he'd recorded some PBS special that there just wasn't room for on the machine.  We watched it tonight and I had tears streaming from my eyes--slam dunk funny!

(Check it out here:

No major news that I know of this week in the department, except: Registration for J-term and Spring begins in a few weeks, which means you should start planning to meet with your faculty advisor...And Oh yeah!  TV Department students, faculty, and alum got quite a few Midwest Regional Emmy nominations (so check out the TV page for news on that).

Until roughly midterms, yours in shared "how do I watch all the good shows" misery...

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  1. It's bizarre I know to comment on your own blog--but today I found the glory of Last Resort On Demand. Kicks ass. Enough said. Homeland and 24 had a baby and it is this show.