Sunday, September 23, 2012


Opening gambit of the Emmys—loved Lena Dunham from Girls naked and noshing, but found the Mindy Kaling (sp?) inclusion a bit “pandery.” :D...but bueno handoff from Ellen!

(Did you, my students, catch the Farnsworth reference? think of the Honey Boo Boo connection when we discuss Newton Minow this week...)

So Major wins (and I in no way represent the Department’s view here):

Nice to see a totally solid category with supporting noms, men here...happy to see Eric Stonestreet win. And for supporting actress...ok, but Mayim Bialik got a smidge robbed. 

AWESOME! Louis CK for writing comedy—yes!

(my husband wants to know: real press we're seeing offstage taking pics, or staged for production value...?)

(OK--definitely NOT happy with Kathy Bates winning best guest actress comedy...should have been anyone but her. Man is Matthew Perry looking old, or what? --i.e., looking my age. :D)

anyone who can reference The Graduate in an intro bid deserves a directing comedy emmy--you go, Steven Levitan. close second for the Modern Family Lily bit and the Chik-Fil-A nod...

comedy leads: industry likes to reward an underdog~ Ducky finally gets the Big One.  Wouldn't say deserved, but gotta love the 'ha" to Charlie Sheen. Come on--Julia Louis-Dreyfus?  Sorry--should have gone to Poehler.  Bleck. Except that the "speech switch" kind of made me pee my pants. The women always do something classic.

(ok--best way to do Ernst and Young to-date...and best tech flub of the nite from McFarlane...How much does Tom Bergeron get paid, I wonder?)

Drama drama--so much good drama!   supporting: nice for Aaron Paul cause it's pretty much a lead role...(and presenter Claire Danes, pregnant or not--pretty sure you're gonna get eaten up by Fashion Police). Blah Maggie Smith--belonged to Christina Hendricks.

OMG--how long will Tracey Morgan stay there Ernie Kovacs Whom Dunnit style?!

Homeland pilot, yes--pure genius writing. Have no complaints per guests in a drama winners, esp. Martha Plimpton in the Good Wife.

(There's a new Bond movie?!) (Bah--Nashville is what I'm jones-ing to see, after Revenge.)

(why are they playing music from Grease during the drama section of the show?)
(am laffing in 1000 different wrong ways for the fake In Memoriam--distastetful genius?)

surprised--not displeased--by Damian Lewis; thought Hamm might finally win as Lewis's role was more supporting than lead. Elizabeth Moss' best year but it needs to be Danes.  IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED HOMELAND, YOU MUST--RIGHT UP THERE WITH MAD MEN AND GOOD WIFE. (if you want a funny Claire Danes story pre her getting married, ask me in class...)

Nice--Louis CK at the Beacon!!  Pay attention folks...his use of the internet really got him rolling in the mainstream...(cannot stop laffing at Gervais per Louis CK...and nice roll in the aisle with Fallon, Stewart and Colbert--and god bless the first bleep of the nite coming from John Stewart)

(nice follow-through on Ellen giving her pants to Jimmy Kimmel)

(ok--sorry--zoning out some during miniseries...)

(getting to feel old here--so many gone from the 60s and 70s of TV, boys and girls--you'll be learning about many of them in the weeks to come...)

(OMG--Jonathan from Buffy and Doyle from Gilmore Girls won an emmy for best mini-series :D From extra cut from the unaired pilot of Buffy to emmy-winner...)

OK...the emmys have now totally lost steam in the miniseries category; no disrespect, but come on already!

ok--gotta be Homeland...Totally deserved. I would give it to Parks and Rec, which was shamefully un-nominated, but it must be Modern Family out of this bunch.

and good nite!  Mostly a yawnfest as awards shows go...But bodes for another good year of TV content-wise! 

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