Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Busy October in TV Land!

Alright folks--especially student-folks!  It's a busy month in October for TV stuff, so here are some tidbits first about upcoming events:

Cinema SlapDown--Girls!--on October 9th, at Film Row (8th floor of the Film Bldg), Chair if TV Michael Niederman and Huffington Post TV critic Maureen Ryan will debate the pros and cons of HBO's Girls, screening a few episodes. You get to ask them questions and offer your 2 cents! EXTRA CREDIT HISTORY STUDENTS: Attend and write up 2-pager that summarizes the debate and ties it to what we've discussed about gender so far (due week 9)

Bethany Rooney, acclaimed TV director--visiting on October 10th at 6pm,  room 1301 of the TV Dept. Bldg.

Parents' Weekend--weekend of October 18th...I'll be around somewhere :D on Saturday morning and happy to meet with any parents. Let me know if yours are coming so we can try to meet up!

RESOURCES: The Workroom

Located on the third floor of 916 S. Wabash, The Workroom is a multi-purpose construction/fabrication/open studio resource space. It is open to all students, regardless of department. Students are able to use the Workroom to work on projects and gain creative advice or support from the Workroom Staff if needed. The Workroom offers basic tools and materials used for construction, such as, scissors, glue (wood and white), rulers, hammers and screw drivers, and much more. The Workroom also offers some storage for in-progress projects. If the Student knows they will be using the space for a specified time frame, students are able to reserve space to ensure a place to work.

The Workroom also offers Workshops each semester that are free and open to all Columbia College students. Each Workshop is offered twice and varies in topic.  

To access the Workroom, students can walk in during our office hours, Monday through Friday, 12pm-7pm.

Emmy Thoughts:

Generally blah...still miffed that Tatiana Maslany didn't get nominated. And love Modern Family but enough already! Dead people montages never work, nor really does song and dance at the Emmys (or Oscars). Mayim Bialik (sp?) was robbed--though the lady from Nurse Jackie had the best acceptance speech ever.

New Show Thoughts:

I'm abysmally behind...but have liked Brooklyn 9-9, though maybe I'm just a little in love with Andre Baugher? :D EXTRA CREDIT HISTORY STUDENTS: watch any episode of a NEW fall BROADCAST show this term. Then write up a 2 pager that describes your episode and the show and relates it to the history of TV in some way. (Due last week of class.)

OK--off to more HIMYM catchup and such...Parenthood at the top of my list (though Parks and Rec made me cry a little this week too--in a good way...)

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