Friday, March 8, 2013

Stray Columbia TV Events (and Other...)

Hello alum and students!

In the past few weeks, Columbia Learning Community students worked with instructor Matt Till to create an instructional video on school safety procedures...Nice to see our students helping younger ones produce their own work for the good of their immediate community! School Safety

We also have coming up in the TV Department some fabulous Box Lunches, where professionals come meet with students to tell stories of life in the trenches of TVLand and give tips (for more info contact Here is the current schedule:

March 21st- Kevin Cross, Comcast Sports Net Chicago
April 11- Mary Lou Belli, Emmy Award Winning Director
April 21- Rob Morhaim WCIU Morning Show

The Box Lunches occur mostly in Studio A, 15th floor, 600 South Michigan. HISTORY OF TV STUDENTS...If you attend Mary Lou Belli's tak and find out about the shows she's worked on that pertain to issues of African Americans represented on TV, there's extra credit in it for you! Attend, and then write up a 1-pager about what she said and tie it to what we've learned about race and TV so far for points!)

Famed Latina documentarian Lourdes Portillo is also coming to the TV department the week after spring break! Keep an eye out for when there will be screenings and talks with her...

and last, just for fun...If you're into reality TV (either loving it or hating it), check out Burning Love. The second season is online and the first is airing on E! Anyone in my classes who reads this far and can tell me who is the panda girl gets bonus points...

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